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Real estate and Spatial planning

Real estate

A well-functioning office or commercial building is essential for the continuity of your business and requires a considerable investment for the long term. If you own or rent an office building or commercial building, you (may) encounter all sorts of legal aspects such as rental contracts and purchase contracts, hidden defects and dissolution. Van Dam & Kruidenier make sure that these affairs are properly regulated so that you can focus entirely on your business.

Professional parties in the construction and real estate sectors - such as project developers, contractors and estate agents - also have to deal with various and disparate legal topics and problems. Often, the interests and the amounts are large and the margin for error is small. Small details can result in huge profits... or, indeed, in loss. Many parties in this sector are Van Dam & Kruidenier clients; we support them in the area of advisory services, contract management and litigation.

Spatial planning

As an entrepreneur, you may have to deal with various levels of government, e.g., when requesting an environmental permit or in the event of proposed changes to a zoning plan. Van Dam & Kruidenier ensure that you comply with the relevant provisions and we consult with the relevant governmental body, as necessary, to prevent lengthy and expensive proceedings. However, should proceedings be inevitable, then we are also there for you. We have extensive experience in this area, particularly at the cutting edge of government concerns and the inland waterway shipping sector.

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Our office is located in Rivium business park (next to the Brienenoordbrug) in Capelle aan den IJssel. Parking space is available on the premises.


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